Skills for Effective Supervision

Build a positive workplace and high-performance team!

Supervision is not simply being in charge and taking on more responsibility. It's a constant balance of delegation and assertiveness while maintaining a happy workforce; it is a conscious state of business structure and effective communication. This program will guide you through the many facets of supervision and propel you into becoming a thoughtful, courteous and deliberate supervisor with the ability to delight and mentor your pharmacy staff.

You'll learn how to:

  • Communicate directly in a way that will lead to real follow through from your staff
  • Identify different phases and roadblocks of a conversation and how to overcome them
  • Resolve conflict in an active and results-driven manner
  • Delegate tasks with confidence to get the job done right the first time
  • Listen to your staff in a new way that will expand your thinking and lead to a happier work environment
  • Delve deep into a new scope of supervisory techniques that are customized for the pharmacy industry


Is this program for you?

Created for the independent pharmacy setting, this training is perfect for supervisors, lead technicians and employees who show management potential.

It's designed specifically for pharmacy professionals who are...

  • ready to commit to bettering their business by fostering growth amongst employees
  • ready to re-energize the pharmacy workplace
  • ready to develop a structured environment of courtesy and respect

If you have been seeking a training experience that is not only robust and thorough but also lively and jam-packed with proven tips and strategies, you must register for this course!


Location:  Charlotte, NC
Date: Apr 1 - Apr 2  8:30 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. 

Hotel: Hilton Charlotte Executive Park
           5624 Westpark Drive
           Charlotte, NC, 28217
           (704) - 527-8000 


The market value of this course is $5,500. PDS Members receive:
  • Core: 1 Seat Annually
  • Advanced: 2 Seats Annually
  • Elite: 3 Seats Annually

Additional participants are $300 each at every member level.

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