Employee Performance Management

What is Employee Performance Management?

Management means more than running a workforce for success. It's recruiting, delegating and mentoring your staff in a way that elicits respect for each other as they strive to perform at their highest level. This exceedingly participatory training program will walk you through proven methods and techniques that will build and motivate your team to increase their effectiveness and work together toward one common goal. By harnessing a new synergy-based approach, your pharmacy outcome will benefit as well as your day-to-day work life. 

Participants will learn how to:

  • Recruit, interview and hire the best person suited for any position
  • Build a coaching-based relationship with their teams
  • Launch a 90-day onboarding process for new employees
  • Facilitate an annual performance preview that is "feed-forward" focused as opposed to feedback focused
  • Host critical conversations that support your team members and encourage a positive and productive end result
  • Terminate an employee in a way that feels less threatening to the manager and protects team culture

Is this program for you?

Created for the independent pharmacy setting, this training is perfect for pharmacy owners or store managers that have staff working directly under them.

It's designed specifically for pharmacy professionals who are ready to...

  • commit to bettering their workplace through employee achievement
  • re-energize the pharmacy through employee engagement
  • ready to develop a working structure based on mutual respect and accountability


The market value of this course is $500. PDS Members receive...
  • Core: 1 Seat Annually
  • Advanced: 2 Seats Annually
  • Elite: 3 Seats Annually

Additional participants are $250 each at every membership level

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