Leadership 3.0

Trust is the core of effective leadership. It begins with the confidence to trust in yourself and your abilities and extends outward into mutual trust between you, your employees, and your customers. In Leadership 3.0, we will explore four critical areas: Confidence, Inner Self Trust, Team Member Trust, and Customer Trust.


This program builds on the foundation laid in the Advanced Leadership Program, “Your mind creates your reality,” and further cements the importance of trust in all aspects of your life. The outward demonstration of Inner Trust is your comfort with vulnerability and change, your confidence in decision-making, and authenticity in your relationships.

The fundamentals of Quantum Physics will help you understand the science of Energy Management. By embracing the science of energy, your life will become easier, less stressful and more enjoyable.


Terri Norvell, PDS Business Coach and Kelley Babcock, PDS Chief Operating Officer

Day one is devoted to developing and strengthening your Confidence through Inner Trust because you must profoundly trust yourself before you can trust others. You’ll learn how to recognize Trust Builders and Trust Busters. You will learn how to effectively set boundaries, and use judgment and discernment to your advantage. The one thing that every aspect of your life has in common is you! If you strengthen the Inner Trust at the core, it will radiate out and permeate every arena of your life.

Day Two builds upon your core trust as it applies to relationships. You’ll define why trust is essential in business. You will learn how to build and strengthen a culture of trust. The emphasis is on developing essential Team and Customer Trust.

Day Three will tie it all together with systematic Change Process and Action Planning. You’ll learn how to anchor this new way of thinking as your new normal. The entire program has been built around experiential components that enable quick internalizing and application. You’ll leave with a new way of leading and living from your core of Inner Trust.

And, of course, we’ll have a celebration!


The PDS Member participant cost for this program is $795. You must have attended all three modules of Advanced Leadership before participating in this course. 

Core: $795 per person
Advanced: $795 per person
Elite: 3 Seats Annually
Additional participants are $500 each at every member level

Note:  This program is designed as a continuation of those who have attended the Advanced Leadership Program

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