The Lost Art of Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette is the key to success in your pharmacy. This course provides a framework for you and your team in building successful relationships with customers and co-workers. Walk away with the ability to foster exceptional relationships while making your business better.

Top Benefits

  • Learn the skill of making a great first impression.
  • Develop and practice using listening skills and reading body language.
  • Understanding drama in the workplace and the negative impact it has in the pharmacy.
  • Developing positive relationships with customers and your coworkers.
  • Learn techniques to deliver courteous and respectful communication.

Financial Impact

  • Create customer loyalty with a well trained staff.
  • Streamline on-boarding new employees and level up your current team set.
  • Give your team the confidence to implement other profitable strategies.
  • Invest in your employees to reduce turnover.

We encourage you to provide the time for your team member to attend the training live. If you’re not investing in your team, you’re not investing in the future of your business.

Who should attend Lost Art of Business Etiquette?

The Lost Art of Business Etiquette is available exclusively to PDS members.

  • Any Key Employee

How much to attend Lost Art of Business Etiquette?

This webinar training is included in the cost of membership.

2019 Schedule:

Begins March 14th at 3pm ET

Begins May 9th at 3pm ET

Begins September 19th at 3pm ET

My team has been kicking butt! I always get customers coming up to me raving about how my staff is so friendly and accommodating.

Chandra D.
PDS Member