Pharmacy Marketing360°

What is Marketing360º?

Conference-Samantha-1.pngYou will: If you don't market your products and services, how will anyone in your community know you exist? These days, simply placing an advertisement in your local newspaper will not pull new patients into your pharmacy. It's essential to discover your ideal clients and target your messaging towards them in places they frequent.

This two-day workshop and follow up webinar series is a full fledged marketing crash course specifically developed for the pharmacy industry. Marketing 360º is pervasive, effective and will educate you about marketing strategies while inspiring you to leap into new mediums with a new creative outlook. This course is taught by Samantha Timmermann, Marketing Expert. 

  • Shift your mindset from satisfying everyone in your community to being an expert for specific groups of customers
  • Develop marketing segments and personas of your ideal customer
  • Target a niche audience by developing strong messaging and strategically putting it in front of them
  • Learn how to use word of mouth marketing so patients bring more business to you
  • Write and execute marketing plans with the help of other pharmacy owners and peer review
  • Design marketing strategies using traditional mediums (newspaper, television, etc.) and digital mediums (social media, blogging, video, etc.)
  • Discover how to best utilize the physical space in your pharmacy for marketing initiatives through a 4 Walls consultation

Is this program for you?

This training is for any pharmacy owner and marketer who wants their business to have the edge over the competition. The two-day training workshop and follow up webinars are jam-packed with creative insight and a must for anyone looking to recharge their marketing strategy.


  • Core: 1 Seat Annually
  • Advanced: 2 Seats Annually
  • Elite: 3 Seats Annually

Additional participants are $350 each at every member level

Not a PDS Member?

This course will have a huge impact on your business and we encourage you to join us. Attend or send a staff member for just $795/person. 

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