SyncRx+ Intensive

Medication Synchronization Training for Pharmacy Owners

The foundation for a high performing pharmacy is a solid medication synchronization program. Many pharmacies don’t implement this program correctly; therefore, don’t see the benefits of improved workflow, reduced expenses, scheduled staffing, improved adherence, and opportunities for healthy patient interventions.

Since its inception, SyncRx+, the PDS intervention-based model program, has been wildly popular and proven highly effective in pharmacies across the country. We have taken the traditional adherence model to the next level by adding an MTM component. The role of synchronization in improving patient health and medication adherence is undeniable. This PDS program is about even more.

SyncRx+ is driven by a process that guides the pharmacy to complete a Medication Therapy Review (MTR). The objective is for pharmacy staff to identify interventions that are unlikely to be discovered in routine prescription filling. This process allows pharmacies to improve clinical quality measures, determine therapeutic alternatives, and capture opportunities for OTC ‘UpSolutions.’

SyncRx+ Intensive Training Sessions

Spring 2019

April 26-27, 2019
Pittsburgh, PA

Fall 2019

October 16-17, 2019
Moundsville, WV

Who Should Attend SyncRx+ Intensive Training?

  • Pharmacy Owners
  • RPh
  • Pharmacy Technicians

SyncRx+ Intensive Training is available
exclusively to PDS Members

Pricing for SyncRx+ Intensive Training

  • $500 Elite and Premier Members
  • $1,000 Member List Price

Medication Synchronization: SyncRx+ Intensive

During this 2-day intensive training, we will cover:

  • Plan development for implementing the SyncRx Refill Program in your pharmacy
  • Procedures for completing the SyncRx+ process
  • Templates of pharmacy workflows and patient tracking sheets
  • Best practices for the SyncRx+ process and MTM opportunities
  • How to grow your pharmacy’s SyncRx+ program

A robust SyncRx+ program will create opportunities to optimize how you:

  • Process Prescriptions
  • Schedule Staff
  • Operate Your Workflow
  • Manage Inventory
  • Market Your Pharmacy Services

Top Benefits

  • Review the fundamentals and updates of Medicare Star Ratings, EQuIPP scores, and MTM.
  • Identify opportunities for improved pharmacy workflow, cost-saving efficiencies, and best practices in synchronization.
  • Define the SyncRx+ process with the Plus component and the rules that make it successful.
  • Learn ways to clean up and expand any existing programs to take your team to the next level.
  • Work hands-on with your own patients’ information to synchronize and perform the SyncRx+ MTM component.

Financial Impact

  • Every 100 patients synchronized increases your annual fills by roughly 2,000.
  • National Average profit per fill is approximately $10.00.
  • Average increase in profit per year is $20,000 for 100 Sync patients.
  • Average pharmacy has 500 Sync Patients which results in $100,000 in extra profits.
  • *Profits listed don’t include programs such as RxAnalytics, therapeutic intervention, or other added therapies.

Everything we needed to start a program was handed to us in this training. The forms to run the program and guidance to change workflow patterns were comprehensive. Most importantly, the process was easy to understand and apply in our pharmacy. Overall, this was excellent, and I would recommend it to any independent pharmacy owner.

Jack S.
PDS Member

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