The 'Faast' track to building and expanding your compounding business!

Compounding On-Site is an on-site training with Dr. Lisa Faast that is tailored to your pharmacy's compounding practice. During this in-store visit, Lisa will fully evaluate your pharmacy and compounding niche, help you set up a streamlined formula manual and discover areas of improvement. After the training, you will continue to receive ongoing care from Dr. Faast.

Compounding On-Site is a two day program.

While this on-site is customizable to fit your needs, it will have a strong focus on how to:
  • Establish systems for efficiency and workflow improvement in the lab
  • Create a proper template and catalog of master formulas
  • Train pharmacists and technicians to prepare various non-sterile compounds
  • Prepare your lab and staff for PCAB accreditation and receive a set of policies and procedures
  • Develop individualized marketing tactics and templates
  • Third party billing assistance and audit protection help

Is this the right program for your Pharmacy?

Created for the independent pharmacy setting, this training is for owners who want to significantly increase the compounding side of their practice and establish themselves as the 'go-to' in the local community.

This on-site training has been specifically designed for pharmacy owners who are ready to commit to increasing their compounding practice and turn their staff into compounding superstars!

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