Pharmacy Team Training

On-Site Pharmacy Team Training is an extension of the PDS offerings that takes our workshops directly to your pharmacy for a face-to-face and interactive learning experience.

While this dynamic and personal training can be custom tailored to you, we currently offer Employee Performance Management, Skills for Effective Supervision and Creating a Rockstar Team for on-site delivery.

Through in-person presentations, case studies and team building exercises, your pharmacy will learn to...

  • Demonstrate proper application of active listening skills
  • Develop an effective and systematic approach to resolution through conflict management
  • Identify and avoid communication barriers and roadblocks to break through difficult conversations
  • Use effective communication and positive interaction to foster relationships with pharmacy customers
  • Utilize the practicable solutions demonstrated to achieve extraordinary individual and team results
  • Team Engagement

Is this the right program for your pharmacy?

This training is for owners who want to enhance their working environment by transitioning their staff from a group of employees to a fully cohesive team.

This on-site training has been specifically designed for teams who are...
  • inspired to work together
  • understanding of the role that leadership plays in the workplace
  • willing to be held accountable for their tasks and responsibilities
  • eager to service both external and internal customers

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