Cash Flow Training for Independent Pharmacy Owners

Pearson’s Law: ​”When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.”

In your pharmacy business, the performance scorecard is your financial statements. It’s how you identify if you are on the right track, which business strategies are working and early warning signs that your business is in trouble. Our 2-day live training course is taught by Tom Wheelwright, CPA (Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Worldwide Authority on Tax) and PDS Founder, Dan Benamoz, who has successfully developed and managed over 8 independent pharmacies. This course is designed for pharmacy owners who are ready to take control of their finances and improve their business. Learning how to manage and control cash flow is a vital lesson for any business owner and especially pharmacy owners where cash can be tight.

Cash Flow 101 Sessions

Spring 2019

April 25-27, 2019 | Tempe, AZ

Fall 2019

November 14-16, 2019 | Atlanta, GA

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to read, understand, and interpret key financial statements.
  • How to leverage other key pharmacy data to facilitate better management decisions.
  • How to apply specific strategies to improve cash flow and financial management.

Who Should Attend Cash Flow 101 Training?

  • Pharmacy Owners
  • Pharmacy Managers
  • Key Financial Employees

Cash Flow 101 is available exclusively to PDS members

Pricing For Cash Flow 101

  • $500 Elite and Premier Members
  • $1,000 List Price

What is Cash Flow and Why is it Important?

The definition of cash flow is the total amount of money being transferred into and out of a business, specifically as it relates to liquidity. It is not the same as profits or revenue. A profitable year and a high volume of prescriptions does not indicate a positive cash flow business.

  • Positive cash flow means your pharmacy is performing well.
  • High positive cash flow allows you to make new investments for business improvements.
  • Negative cash flow indicates trouble as there is more money going out than coming in.

Top Benefits

  • Create a Cash Flow Forecast for your pharmacy.
  • Learn to identify and apply cash flow ratios.
  • Track and manage financial patterns in your business.
  • Reduce account receivables to increase cash flow.
  • Understand how to separate your tax strategy from your business strategy.

Financial Impact

  • Identify the causes of weak cash flow in your business.
  • Apply solutions for resolving and improving these challenges.
  • Refine how you make business decisions using key financial data.
  • Improve vendor reconciliation.

Testimonial from Cash Flow Training Alumni

Understanding my pharmacy’s financial statements was the first step in taking control of my business and profitability. This training course takes the guesswork out of understanding your financial data and enables making informed business decisions.
Sasha H.​​​​​​
PDS Member

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