Marketing 360 Training 

Independent Pharmacy Marketing Solutions

For independent owners, pharmacy marketing can be intimidating, and it often takes a backseat to everything else due to limited time, marketing budget or resources. However, the importance of having a clear marketing strategy cannot be overstated. It is what will drive your pharmacy to be top-of-mind with existing patients while showcasing your services to new audiences bringing them through your front door. Our two-day Marketing 360 training course simplifies these hurdles for independent pharmacy owners. Attendees will leave with a marketing plan template and insight on the best marketing strategies for their pharmacy business.

Pharmacy Marketing 360
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    Walk-through the key elements needed to create a comprehensive marketing strategy.  
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    Define your target audience to achieve effective advertising and marketing campaigns. 
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    Create compelling and creative marketing materials to support existing strategies.  
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    Analyze your business data and identify the potential niches to attract new patients. 

Learn how to effectively and cost-efficiently market your independent pharmacy using tools ranging from inside your 4 walls to digital media. This course will focus on strategies to drive business quickly and methodically. This 2-day live training is appropriate for whomever has been charged with marketing your pharmacy business.

Who Should Attend Marketing
360 Training?

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    Pharmacy Owners
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Marketing 360 Training is available 
exclusively to PDS Members

2018 Marketing 360
Training Sessions

Spring 2018 - Las Vegas, Nevada
March 23-24, 2018

Pricing for Marketing 360

Conference pricing expires 3/9/2018

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    $350 Conference Special Pricing
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    $500 Elite Member Pricing
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    $1,000 Member List Pricing

Top Benefits of Attending
Marketing 360

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    Develop audience personas for your ideal customers by outlining who they are, where to find them, and how to market your services to them.  
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    Discover how to best utilize the physical space in your pharmacy through a 4-walls evaluation, then create a delightful customer experience that fosters fans.  
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    Outline marketing strategies that target defined audiences and utilize all forms of available media.  
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    Learn the key components for developing a yearly marketing plan.

Financial Impact of Attending Marketing 360

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    Use your time and pharmacy marketing budget more efficiently by becoming laser focused in your efforts.  
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    Increase business by implementing the most effective marketing strategies for your pharmacy.  
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    Shift the mindset from satisfying everyone in the community to being an expert for specific groups of customers that are highly profitable.  

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