Pharmacy Technician Training

bryan_mayes-2The Technician Training will provide your team with a comprehensive pharmacy technician curriculum (with a quality control component) which will enhance their ability to perform the duties of a technician.

For your technicians who are certified, this course will provide them with a refresher of their skills and the likelihood is that some materials may even be new for them.

For those who are planning to become certified, this course is a good place to begin the certification process, but more training is required to pass the exam. This course is ACPE accredited; participants who successfully complete the course will receive a certification of completion and 10 CE credits.

The 12 week course meets one hour per week and is facilitated by one of our Staff Pharmacists via online/phone platform. Participants will login/call in each week and can listen to a recorded session if they miss a class. All participants will be required to complete homework and online exams in order to pass the course, and most importantly, to gain the full value from their participation.

Course Starts on Sep 21 and ends Dec 7.

Who Should Attend:

Pharmacy Technicians


Included in your PDS Membership.

Value: $1995


Participants are eligible receive 10 CE credits upon course completion.

Course Length: 

Students will meet weekly for one hour over the for 12 weeks via online, and take a weekly test.

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