[Video] Pain Management to Boost Pharmacy Sales

Acute and chronic pain is a problem that affects approximately 100 million Americans; that is more people than diabetes, heart disease, or cancer combined. The devastating effects of opioid misuse have become all too familiar, leaving many, patients and healthcare providers alike, in search of pain management alternatives. The intersection of technology and healthcare allows independent pharmacies to take a leading role in the latest evolution of the industry and further cement their role as a healthcare ambassador to their community. 

Pharmacy Development Services introduced owners to the idea of alternative pain management therapy and PDS solutions partner, First Alternatives at the PDS Super-Conference.

Unlike pain medication or surgery, Microcurrent therapy pain management technology is: 

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    Not Addictive
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Role of the Pharmacist 

Pharmacists have the ability to establish solid relationships with pain patients in their communities. Positioning your store as a healthcare destination allows you to be more than a place to get prescriptions filled once a month. Leverage your knowledge and hone your pharmacy's unique strengths to create the competitive advantage every business is seeking.

Identifying the need for pain management solutions is just the beginning.  You can start to improve profitability through effective implementation, scaling the programs, and marketing your services. Exceptional patient outcomes and pharmacy profitability are not mutually exclusive. If you don't keep your doors open for business, what would the impact be in your community? 

Microcurrent Therapy 

Studies show microcurrent therapy is a viable treatment for patients with a variety of symptoms and conditions such as sciatica, back pain, carpal tunnel, and other chronic illnesses. Scientists have seen significant decreases in their participants’ threshold for pain, which is consistent with the results that ​microcurrent therapy customers have seen in their daily lives. 

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Click the video to watch our presentation from First Alternatives CEO, Mike Legel at a recent PDS Super-Conference. 

The Science Behind Microcurrent Therapy

In the 1980's, Tim Smith, at the time one of the leading engineers at Texas Instruments, was working as a consultant for SCENAR (Self-Controlled Energetic Neuro-Adaptive Regulation) when he realized that the groundbreaking technology could transform the lives of patients. Smith invested his own money to design, develop, and manufacture a commercial microcurrent device for pain management. 

​Now as the founder and CEO of Avazzia, the company built around his device, Smith has seen the extraordinary impact that his product has had on patients, doctors, and independent pharmacy owners. By partnering with First Alternatives, Avazzia has been able to sell its devices to consumers and business owners around the world. 

Avazzias devices use high-voltage, extremely low-level pulsed electrical waveforms, known as microcurrents, to treat nerve pain, muscle pain, inflammation, scarring, and other health problems. Human tissue has an electrical frequency, and that frequency is disrupted when we are injured, stressed, or sick. Microcurrent therapy restores the normal frequencies within our cells, drastically reducing pain, inflammation, and other functional impediments. 

Alternative Pain Management: Improve Pharmacy Profits and Patient Outcomes

Avazzia and First Alternatives are committed to changing the pain management industry
using microcurrent technology. Legel has created a business model that empowers independent pharmacy owners, providing information, products, and networking opportunities that will transform their businesses. 

Microcurrent devices are perfect for consumers and medical practitioners alike. Pharmacy owners can see profit margins of up to 36% on the retail price of their sales. There is tremendous earning potential when you bring microcurrent technology into your pharmacy or clinic. Welcome to the next generation of pain management therapy! 

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