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“I love the Business Coaches and Performance Specialists because they hold me accountable – they give me advice – they are very blunt and honest, and they make me think about what I’m doing.”


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  • A Last Ditch Effort

    “We felt like we were dying, and we felt like we didn’t have the resources or knowledge about business to get things thriving,” shares Lisa, recalling it was a struggle to figure out in what direction to take the pharmacy. After a failed attempt at hiring a consultant that resulted in huge costs, but no ROI, the couple were at their wit’s end. “By 2015, we were totally drained, both financially and emotionally.” It wasn’t until Chris came home with a PDS brochure that things started moving in a new and promising direction, recalls Lisa. The couple, though cautious and having no expectations, decided the PDS Super-Conference in February was worth a shot. They signed up, bought tickets and flights, and waited for the event to roll around. “We didn’t know what to expect,” recalls Lisa. “We weren’t sure if it was going to be a waste of time, but once we got to the meeting – WOW!”

  • Knowing Your Numbers and Igniting Profits

    With a more solid understanding of her business, digging into their numbers has been an illuminating process for Lisa. “One thing that PDS has shown us is you’ve got to know your numbers.” When looking at her margins per script, she and Chris realized a key piece of information – they had a discrepancy in their pricing table. They were losing money on their u shots. “We found that we had been billing below the AWP for a long time – all the way back to 2014. We’ve now gone back and submitted those again, and we’ve recouped almost $4,000 in nine days.” Lisa shares that, “When I went to the first conference – I couldn’t imagine being where those owners and their teams were, but we’ve finally gotten over the hump. We’ve finally reached a different level. It feels good. I feel like we can finally see the light.”

Why I love PDS

We were soaking it all in, and even sat in the front row. We were writing everything down – we couldn’t write fast enough! We joined PDS the very next day.

It has never been about the money for us, although we’re happy to be able to pay our bills. I’m looking forward to next year – now that we’ve got the basics under our belt – we’re really looking forward.

We’re so thankful for PDS. You’d be crazy not to join PDS. Making the time to participate has been well worth it. We get to network with other pharmacists when we’re at the trainings or on the webinars. I don’t just learn from the trainer – I learn from the other pharmacists.

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