Our passion emerges as we empower entrepreneurs and pharmacy owners alike during their shift from transaction based, retail script counters into dynamic industry leaders with high-performance backed with a great culture! 

The key to building a successful business is to create a team of individuals who come together to achieve a goal higher than themselves. We help every member on the pharmacy team have the confidence to take ownership of their position, have the drive to excel, and the passion to take the pharmacy to the next level. 

We help...

We know first hand that owning a pharmacy business has its own unique set of challenges in addition to the fundamental principles of running companies in other industries. PDS was conceived from the belief that its nearly criminal that pharmaceutical schools do not provide sufficient education on not just being a pharmacist, but owning and operating a successful pharmacy business.

From staffing and team building, daily operations, insurance reimbursements, marketing incentives, streamlines processes, and industry regulations, as the owner and leader of your pharmacy, you’ve come to realize that you can’t possibly do it on your own.

PDS excels at helping pharmacy owners shift from transactional, retail script counters into more dynamic leaders of high-performance teams supported by a great culture.

Managing a successful business takes skill, heart, courage, and a bit of tenacity. Over the years business management has evolved and now instead of directing your team to greatness, you’re expected to simply lead the charge. We tailor our trainings for pharmacy management teams to help you develop the skills you need to lead your team to the next level. Providing actionable items and individual support through our Business Coaches, Implementation Specialists, Pharmacy Advanced Academy, and our Resource Library – we empower management teams to develop greater efficiencies in operations and implement game-changing incentives.

No one wants to go to work just to be there. We all want to be a part of something bigger, to know that what we do every single day matters. Regardless of your position in your pharmacy, taking ownership of your responsibilities and the impact they have on the team as a whole is a fantastic way to become an irreplaceable member of your team. Being a part of a PDS Member pharmacy means having an owner and management team leading you to success. Trainings are offered for each level of seniority and every member of the pharmacy team.


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