PDS Creates Wins
for Independent Pharmacy Owners

It’s time to compete.

The pharmacy world has changed. Every day, you face the challenges of new competition. Of disappearing profits. What used to be enough isn’t anymore, and it leaves you with a choice:

Will you compete?

Or will you simply hang on until you close your doors or sell to someone else?

Today’s the day you decide to compete—and make PDS part of your winning strategy.

PDS’ entire focus is on helping independent pharmacy owners like you create the success you deserve. Our solutions are specifically designed to address the core challenges modern pharmacy owners like you face.

With PDS in your corner, the game changes.

You’ll gain clarity, take control of your opportunities and win with confidence.

“They have helped me in so many ways, not only from a business standpoint but from a personal standpoint… it’s been very rewarding.”

Win with Clarity

When you don’t have a clear vision, you can’t reach your destination.

Do you know what opportunities you are missing and how much it’s costing your business? The ability to confidently pursue growth starts with a clear understanding of your current performance and your true potential. Learn what’s stunting your pharmacy’s growth and gain the clarity you need to plot a course forward.

More growth, less uncertainty

  • Discover how to leverage your pharmacy metrics.

    Understand performance and scale your business consistently and effectively.

  • Discover your path to improve performance.

    You and your team will know exactly where you stand and what areas to focus on.

  • Discover proven best practices for optimizing operations.

    Fuel growth, master finances and motivate your team.

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Win with Control

When you don’t have a stable foundation, you can’t build a strong pharmacy.

Financial challenges create an uncertain future. PDS helps you understand your numbers and develop a plan to minimize the impact of outside forces on your profitability. Take control by using your pharmacy’s metrics to drive solid business decisions.

More profit, less stress

  • Master the mystery of cash flow.

    When you understand how cash moves through your business, you can create a plan to keep more of what you earn.

  • Master your financial reporting.

    Connect the dots between where your pharmacy is financially and where you want to be.

  • Master the art of creating revenue opportunities.

    Maintain your position at the top through scalable growth and increased profitability.

Win with Confidence

When you don’t feel empowered, you can’t rise to new heights.

Independent doesn’t need to mean alone. Connect with a dedicated community of industry leaders working to establish and share the best practices and proven strategies you need to elevate your pharmacy business.

More reward, less risk

  • Boost the performance of your pharmacy.

    By benchmarking yourself against the industry’s top performers, you learn what’s possible.

  • Boost your team.

    With best-in-class industry leaders holding you and your team accountable, you can be confident that you’re prioritizing the most important wins.

  • Boost your impact.

    By improving systems and enhancing staff performance, you’ll have more time for strategic thinking and to invest in what’s important to you.

Are You Ready to Build a Winning Strategy?

PDS helps independent pharmacists like you create the success you deserve.

The daily challenges of new competition, disappearing profits and accelerating change force a critical decision: Will you compete? Or simply hang on until you either close or sell? We only work with owners who decide to compete. No longer are you going to wake up each morning worrying about cash flow, wondering if you’re missing opportunities or hoping for the business to improve.

With PDS in your corner, the game changes.

As a membership organization, we’re 100% focused on your success. We provide the expert strategies, best practices and implementation guidance to make your life as an independent pharmacy owner better and your business more valuable than ever.

Get a competitive edge that’s sustainable.

We equip you with solid strategies that will have you edging out the competition for the long haul. Our Member Success team gives you a comprehensive plan to build a stronger business, provide better patient service and become a more effective leader.

PDS provides the control, clarity and confidence you deserve.

PDS believes independent pharmacies are the best place for patients to get the care they need, and therefore we believe independents deserve to thrive.

We know that patient-first care is the biggest advantage you have against the competition. The way you’ll thrive is by providing a level of service others simply cannot.

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