PDS Creates Wins
for Independent Pharmacy Owners

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A more profitable pharmacy
is in your future.

It’s time to get down to business — the right way. PDS has been helping independent pharmacy owners like you learn what it takes to increase profits and efficiencies while minimizing stressors. With a PDS membership, you’ll gain access to pharmacy business experts and the pharmacy performance framework that is helping hundreds of owners transform their operations by identifying new revenue streams, motivating employees and satisfying customers. Start experiencing pharmacy ownership the way it should be.

Your success is our sole ambition.

As a membership organization, we’re 100% focused on your success. We provide the expert strategies, best practices and implementation guidance to make your life as an independent pharmacy owner better and your business more valuable than ever.

Get a competitive edge that’s sustainable.

We equip you with solid strategies that will have you edging out the competition for the long haul. Our Member Success team gives you a comprehensive plan to build a stronger business, provide better patient service and become a more effective leader.

PDS provides the care, clarity and confidence you deserve.

PDS believes independent pharmacies are the best place for patients to get the care they need, and therefore we believe independents deserve to thrive.

We know that patient-first care is the biggest advantage you have against the competition. The way you’ll thrive is by providing a level of service others simply cannot.

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by delivering
exceptional care.

Business growth can feel at odds with your duty of care for your patients, your employees and even to yourself.

The truth is that growth can only come from great patient care.

You deserve a partner that can help you achieve your full potential and scale your best expertise while enhancing (not comprising) your ability to provide the best level of care possible.

  • Identify more opportunities

    Work with the tools that give you insights on the prescriptions and services that improve patient outcomes.

  • Create a rewarding environment

    Implement proven programs that will motivate your employees to pursue higher levels of performance.

Gain the clarity
you need to stay
laser focused.

Rather than “running the business” it often seems like the business is running you.

You deserve the ability to move from the unknown to the known. With PDS you’ll find perspective provided by a proven system that allows you to maximize the things you can control.

  • Work smarter, not harder

    If the status quo isn’t working, it’s time for a change. We provide expert consulting to help you identify inefficiencies and opportunities to boost revenue.

  • Think like a business leader

    You were trained to be a pharmacist — not a business guru. With PDS, you’ll get the advanced training needed to run your business more effectively.

Lead your team
toward more wins
with confidence.

There are lots of questions… Not having all the answers can be a lonely place. Without others around you who really “get” the industry it’s often tough to know whether or not you are making the right moves.

You deserve the sense of purpose that you get from working  with a community of like-minded peers…  all focused on the success of independent pharmacies. With PDS, you’ll find a vantage point that enables you to be agile, fluid and resilient.

  • Discover what’s working now

    Learn about cutting-edge technology, new break-throughs and tested solutions specifically designed to help you optimize your pharmacy business.

  • Get plugged into a strong network

    With PDS, you’re never alone. You’ll be able to interact with peers who are facing and overcoming the same challenges as you.

“They have helped me in so many ways, not only from a business standpoint but from a personal standpoint… it’s been very rewarding.”

“The impact has been almost immeasurable, from year to year, the things we continue to do… the benefits compound themselves.”

Are you ready to multiply your success and simplify your life?

Start experiencing more successes and fewer headaches. We’ll show you the way.