Meaningful Growth Takes Real Confidence, the Kind You Get With Membership

Master the skills that empower you to grow a successful pharmacy.

At PDS, we believe independent pharmacy owners should never settle for mediocre results. You deserve better than that because you are better. You’re better at delivering great patient care. And you’re better at delivering the one-on-one attention that your customers desire.

We equip you with the advanced tools and resources that help you gain confidence in those advantages and then use them to grow. Join other PDS members who are building the businesses of their dreams through solutions that help them overcome their challenges and stretch toward their goals.

Leave behind the status quo. Gain the confidence to put your pharmacy on the path of sustainable growth. At PDS, we’re in the business of helping independent pharmacy owners like you succeed.

Gain a competitive edge with a PDS membership that helps you solve these real challenges …

  • Doubts about Your Ability to Survive

    Conquer your doubts with a sure plan for growth.

    The Solution:

    Owning a pharmacy comes with facing numerous challenges, and it can be tough, sometimes, to stay positive. PDS identifies solid opportunities for your pharmacy’s growth,  giving you the confidence to move forward.

  • Uncertain Finances

    Run your business with a solid financial strategy.

    The Solution:

    If cash flow becomes a problem, it can be hard to stay focused. PDS puts you on the right track. We’ll give you the strategies that help you achieve financial stability.

  • Poor Delegation

    Lead effectively to enable higher achievement.

    The Solution:

    When you have confidence in where you’re headed, asking for the right help is easy. Empower your team and provide the leadership you know you’re capable of.

  • Inability to Prioritize

    Know what’s most important, now and tomorrow.

    The Solution:

    It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day of your business, but it deserves your time and attention to see a better future.  Be confident in your prioritization with a better roadmap to your goals.

  • No Differentiator

    Give customers the right reasons to choose you.

    The Solution:

    At PDS, we know independent pharmacies are better at delivering patient care. Learn how to make every interaction prove it.

  • Checking the Wrong Metrics

    Focusing on the wrong data is frustrating. We make things uncomplicated.

    The Solution:

    Know what matters. Operate your business by focusing on the KPIs that are proven to dictate the health of independent pharmacies.

Do you ever feel like your business is in a tug of war with everything else in life that deserves your time and attention?


Rather than running the business, does it sometimes feel like the business is running you?


Make your next move to a more successful future.

Secure your competitive advantage with a PDS membership.