Create lifetime patients.

Webinar Replay: Your Pharmacy. Their Healthcare Destination.

A look into your patient lifecycle.

The most successful pharmacies don’t have customers. They have lifetime patients.

As you take a look at your current pharmacy operations, ask yourself:

  • Are the people who walk into your pharmacy your customers or your patients?
  • Does the level of service you provide stand out in your community?
  • Is your pharmacy seen as a healthcare destination?

This webinar is all about creating advocates out of your current customers while increasing your profits along the way.

The Pharmacy Webinar Series helps independent pharmacy owners gain insights and education that they can use to grow their business and innovate in their pharmacies. Discover topics that are important to you, on your time.

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Elaine Ladd, PharmD.

Chief Pharmacy Officer

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Lauren Simko, PharmD

Managing Performance Specialist

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Marie Wilda, Marketing Strategist

Marie Wilda

Director of Marketing Innovation

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